How Often Should Your Pet See a Elk River mn Veterinarian?

All pets need to visit the veterinarian in Elk River mn regularly to maintain good pet health. It is a common known fact that a dog or cat needs to get checked out frequently in order to stay happy and tail wagging fit. The frequency with which these visits to the animal hospital takes place depends on the life stage, health and the condition of your pet.

Animal Clinic Visits for Young Pets Up to 1 Year Old

The kitten or the puppy needs to be brought in to the Vet Clinic for vaccinations until he or she is 16 weeks old. The frequency should be once at least every three or four weeks. During this time, the dogs will get rabies boosters and distemper parvo . At this period the dogs may also receive vaccinations for health woes like kennel cough.

The kittens are tested for the feline leukemia and the feline immunodeficiency virus during this time. They receive vaccinations for viruses such as common cold. Your dog or cat will receive the flea and tick prevention medications and the heartworm prevention medications.

Veterinarians will see to check if your pet is growing well and if he/she shows signs of illnesses. At the age of 6 months, a thorough examination will take place when the pet has to brought in to be neutered or spayed. Housebreaking, socialization, and training areas also checked during this time.

Veterinarian Clinic Visits for Adult pets from 1-7 years

At this life stage, depending on the type and the breed of the pet, the animal vet in Elk River mn will suggest yearly checkups. Your Elk River mn Vet will give your pet a full head to tail physical checkup. The vet will also take a sample of blood from the pet in order to check for heartworms. Cats are not usually tested, as the tests are difficult to determine for feline species. A distemper parvo as well as a rabies booster during the initial checkups is administered.

After this, the frequency becomes every three years. The Rabies booster frequency depends completely on the laws of the states. At this time, the vet may also recommend other tests that need to be undertaken by your pet in order to complete the full checkup. A stool sample is tested during this period, in order to determine, if the pet possess any intestinal parasites. Cats are administered feline leukemia vaccinations and dogs are administered kennel cough vaccinations.

Veterinary Visits for Senior Dogs And Cats 7-10 Years Old

For older pets, the vets normally suggest a bi yearly checkup in order to try and avoid an Emergency Veterinarian Hospital visit. They will make sure that the pet receives the vaccinations that are needed and the pet will get a thorough body examination. Any problems that need to be followed up will be treated using tests and medical procedures by the veterinarian. The urine and blood tests can give the vet a good idea about the health and the wellness of the pets kidneys, hormone levels and thyroid functioning. All changes in the behavior of the pet is discussed during these visits. Things like, if the cat is drinking excess water or if the pet dog is not excited by his morning walks will be diagnosed, treated now. Normally these are signs of arthritis. Always take expert’s advice.